Zomato Redesign

June 2021

Dining & Delivery Confusion

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Simplifying Cart Customization

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Reducing Information Clutter

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Extensive User Research

I conducted interviews with daily users, shaping 2 user personas based on their insights. Additionally, I mapped the user journey of the current application, identifying and addressing loopholes.

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Key Design Decisions

Ensuring brand coherence

For my first UX project, I adhered to the brand guidelines, ensuring I stayed within their parameters. I took the time to understand what brand guidelines are and how to apply them correctly.

Custom Restaurant Descriptions

To add a personal touch to the restaurant page, I included custom descriptions that restaurants can provide for themselves.


Listen to the users

Initially, I had my own project ideas. Yet, engaging with users made me aware of numerous small gaps in the experience. It taught me that what I think is right may differ from what users actually want.

Following the process

In my first UX project, I grasped the significance of navigating through the entire UX process instead of jumping into the visual part of design.


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