December 2023

Simplifying The Onboarding

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Simple & Clean Navigation

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Optimal Event Creation Flow

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Removing The Community Feature

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User Personas & Flows

We conducted a total of 8 interviews, consolidating the data to form 2 user personas (primary and secondary). Throughout the design iterations—starting from paper prototypes to low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity wireframes—we tested our user flows. Additionally, we performed usability heuristic testing on our final prototypes.

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Key Design Decisions

Syncing Contacts With The App

To simplify the friend-adding process, syncing contacts allows for seamless direct chatting with nearby friends without any hassle.

Profile Completion Progress Circle

For users who prefer a quick overview of app features, we offer the option to skip onboarding. However, we maintain profile completion progress through a circular bar overlay on the profile icon, ensuring a constant reminder to complete the process.

Interactive Prototype


Working With Other UX Designers

In my prior work, I worked as a solo UX Designer on every project. Here, collaborating with three other UX Designers taught me the importance of sharing ideas and collectively finding solutions to a shared problem.

Time management

This project for my Interaction Design course at the University of Michigan required completing each phase within a short timeframe. It provided valuable insights into effectively managing time during a project, acknowledging that real-world scenarios involve varied durations for different steps.

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